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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

History of the Nightelfs

The nightelfs came to be because the titans made them guardians of the eternity well, but then some nightelfs called the highbourne almost destroyed azeroth by letting sargaras in, but luckerly malfurion stopped them, and the well imploded making the land split in 2 and making the maelstrom. and no one knows why the nightelfs joined the alliance. I thought they would join the horde because malfurion taught the taurens high druid.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WOW and the secret cow level!

I heard that if you kill 100 cows from the surrounding areas of each of the major cities you get a (one use) rune that allows you to teleport to an instanced dungeon. Supposedly its filled with level 20 cow critters and one has a rare drop.I'm sure its a skinners/leatherworkers dream to get that rune! Diablo 2 had a secret cow level, although it was Blizzard North that made Diablo 2.

Naga Update...This is How Naga Came to Life....

When my interent connection was cancelled for 3 days i decided to play WC3 & TFT to kill time and while iI was playing I found the answer to how naga changed into so many different creatures.

Naga were of the HighBorne and they were smashed to the bottom of the sea after the sundering. somehow, they survived being smashed to the bottom of the sea and dwelt magically on the ocean floor. Overtime, the magic that ran through their veins mutated and warped their elven bodies to adapt with their new environment. and so you guys know, azshara lives in the form of a 20ft octopus like being. her lower body is that of an octopus while her torso is serpentine like and her face amost as beautiful as she was while as an elf. her hair however is replaced with snakes. (medusa-esque).

If they had naga, I think the they would have to create a new faction, and implement another playable race, and seeing how Blood elves and Naga have sided with Illidan who is doing the bidding of Kil'Jaenden ( I think that was the demons name) there would be alot of controversery of who these races would be sided with. Then again we can break it down a bit. Blood Elves hate Humans for their lack of respect towards them. Naga does the bidding of Illidan so they are more of a goblin type (whoever has more money is the winner) Illidan supposedly deceased in combat against Arthas at the battle of The Frozen Throne (According to our GMs our bad boy is back from the grave and is the most bad ass mofo the game has to offer). Illidan has been said as the most powerful NPC in the game for a very long time, but has recently been brought up again.
Kil'jaeden is factioned with the scourge whom is apposed to all Forsaken Undead (the Undead race in WoW that you can play) and their allies.

Where would the races of the third faction start? All the spare space in kalimdor and the eastern kingdoms have been used up with contested territory, and the levels of each contested territory are balanced throughout the whole world. There would never be enough space for more friendly territory.. let alone 3 for 4 races..Rumors are the 3rd factions will be made up for Naga, Blood Elves, Draeni, and Saytr. There are other races others feel have a better shot, but those are the most common I see. You never know Ogres or Goblins might join them in future history of WoW but as of now the best bet is those 4 races listed.

The pandarans are currently very mysterious. Little is known about them, or at least it might be just me that knows little of them. They have a hidden city somewhere called Pandaria...and they are excellent business men. And on a side note: I like pandarans. =)


Is there an anvil to be found?

A friend and I searched high and low for an anvil in the NE capital to no avail. We found a forge, but that was it. I find it strange enough that one of the three capital cities of the alliance has no blacksmith or engineer trainers. But what about established characters visiting that city who have one of those professions? Are they just SoL? No wonder it’s a ghost town.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Murlocs Revealed!

Murloc origins are shrouded in mystery. This is due not only to the fact that these creatures appeared on Azeroth's shores fairly recently (as far as world history goes, anyway) but also because murlocs shun mortals and rarely, if ever, speak anything but their own garbled language.
What's been known up until now about the fish-men is the following: they are not the most intelligent creatures. They congregate on shorelines in tribes and villages. They have been known, in certain instances to worship enigmatic sea-deities (sometimes including naga). And they seem to care little for the mortal races.
However, recent accounts by select individuals who managed to gather information— either by spying, torturing or surreptitiously gaining the murlocs' trust, have brought some interesting details to light…
First, murlocs may not be as dumb as everyone thinks they are. Several clues point to the fact that their steady infiltration of the world's land masses may be a coordinated effort. Whether or not this enterprise has been undertaken strictly of their own accord is not yet known.
Also, the murloc race may be far older than most believe. Several accounts and clues seem to substantiate this. In fact, it is now believed that murlocs (or, more appropriately, their ancestors) may even pre-date trolls. Of course these ancient murlocs lived in the oceans' depths and therefore were never known to the world's early land-dwelling races.

In the last few years, the vile naga have begun reemerging from their watery abodes, causing historians to speculate that their migration may have triggered the murlocs' slow encroachment onto land. Some also guessed that the murlocs might be working in concert with the sinister amphibians.
But perhaps the most startling revelation to come from recent intelligence-gathering efforts was this: the naga may not be the only nightmarish horrors lurking in the seemingly bottomless oceans of the world.

Several indicators from the murlocs themselves point to the possibility that the fish-men are but worshippers or underlings of perhaps several deep-sea monstrosities that currently lie sleeping, or at least waiting, in the murky fathoms – and even more disturbing, that the murlocs' emergence is an indication of their incipient awakening.
If that is the case, the mysterious and somewhat underestimated murlocs may be the world's first glimpse at something far more terrifying.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

News From Blizzard

Finally some good, informative news from Blizzard on new hardware which was posted on the O-boards yesterday morning:

"In January we outlined our plans for improving the performance and overall play experience in World of Warcraft.
We’re farther along with implementing some of the changes mentioned in that update, and we wanted to share the details with you. We’ve spent the past few weeks obtaining new, top-of-the-line equipment and preparing it for deployment at a new World of Warcraft site. This new site, which we expect to go live by the beginning of April, will allow us to open new realms to accommodate our growing player base. In addition, we will be able to transfer existing realms to this new hardware to alleviate pressure on our current systems. To make sure the launch of the new site goes well, we plan on testing the new hardware, along with the 1.10 content patch, on the public test realms. This testing phase is scheduled to go live next week. In addition to monitoring the impact of the new game content, we will be able to observe the performance of the new hardware under conditions that closely resemble a live environment. To make things interesting, we will be holding three skill-based contests during this test. Players with active accounts in Europe, Korea, and North America will be able to participate in these contests, and each winner will receive a spot in the beta test for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. We’ll be announcing the contest details on the official World of Warcraft community Web sites in each region soon, so be sure to check back from time to time in the days ahead. "

Hardware Review- Logitech G15 Keyboard

This week I finally found a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard at a good price so I picked it up. The original list price was US$99.00 and it has dropped recently to $79.00. I found it for C$69 (about US $60) so I grabbed it. From the moment I got it home, I was impressed. Installation Pop in the CD. Install the software. Plug in the keyboard (Via USB). Ta da! The Physical Physically, the unit is slightly larger than a standard keyboard. This is due to the extra G-keys on the left hand side. However, it is not any larger than it has to be. Putting it next to a normal keyboard, it is only wider by 3.2" which is not bad at all. The key feel is excellent. The keystroke travel is about the same as my old Logitech keyboard, but the feel is softer. There is no clunk when you hit a key, but just enough of a response that you can feel confident in your typing. The LCD screen measurea sbout 3" across. It is well-lit and usable in any lighting condition. By default it switches every 5 seconds between CPU/Ram usage stats and Time/Date clock. More about the LCD later. The keys are backlit. The light has three settings - Low, High and Off - which you can choose between using a button. The backlighting is blue and makes gaming in the dark a lot easier. (You know, for those times that the old ball n' chain has already gone to bed but you're still in MC). The G-keys To the left of the standard keys, there are 18 programmable buttons as well as three set-keys that allow you to change between three presets, giving a total of 54 extra keys. The included G15 software allows you to create seperate profiles for each game, so essentially you can create 54 extra keys for every game you own. The included software is very easy to use. You can bind either a keystroke or a macro of keystrokes to each key. For example, you can make the G1 key simulate "CTRL-SHIFT-1" or you can make it hit "J", wait 3 seconds, hit "1", wait 2 seconds and then hit "Enter". The macro recorder can either record you making the actual keystrokes, or you can just tell it what you want it to do. For WoW, I just mapped the G1-G10 keys as "CTRL-SHIFT-n" and the G11-18 keys as "CTRL-ALT-n" and then went into the Key Bindings in WoW and mapped those keys combinations to macros. There is a button mod available that will give you 18 buttons shaped just like the keyboard (Search for "G15" on Curse). I chose to just lay out the keys using Insomniax. Basically, I now have 18 buttons that map to the keyboard. It comes in handy. For example, on my Hunter I have a set of 6 for the tracking abilites, 6 for my Aspects, and 6 with important macros that I couldn't fit on my standard keys such as retrap. On my Druid, I have 6 levels of Healing Touch mapped to one 6-button set. On another, I have feral macros which swap my gear and switch me into Form. All in all, I find 18 extra buttons very useful. The creative possibilities are endless thanks to the software. The LCD The LCD (along with the included software) can display your music player information - song name, time, etc. It includes compatibility for all of the major players (iTunes, WinAmp, WMP, and many others). The media buttons are backlit and easy to use. The volume dial works with the windows sound controls, and shows you the current level on the LCD. The LCD is also programmable for various games. There are four "soft" buttons right under it that can be used by LCD applications. The standard installation includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) that you can use to develop your own uses for it. There are also a good number of user-written programs on the market for it. Sadly, I was unable to find any LCD programs written for WoW. It seems that the LCD is more used by the FPS audience. So, while I'm playing WoW, my LCD just shows time/date and CPU/Ram usage (which is always around 90% while I'm playing WoW so it's not very useful). I was actually excited to try out the SDK, but sadly it's C++ only and my programming background is JAVA. The USB Ports It has 2 USB ports. I was suprised to find out that they are not USB 2.0. Nevertheless, they are more than adequate to plug your mouse into. If you prefer a wired mouse for either accuracy or avoiding the battery hassle, it's a great way to reduce wire clutter. The keyboard also has grooves on the bottom that you can run the mouse wire through for even better wire management. The "Gaming Mode" Switch Okay... So this switch only does one simple thing. It disables the Windows Key! FFXI'ers should buy it just for that ... But really for any serious gamer, hitting your Windows Switch instead of CTRL or ALT at the wrong time can mean defeat. It's a useful feature. That is basically it. In conclusion, I would give this product a 4.5/5. I really haven't been ablet to fault it for anything. It looks and feels great, and it's added features justify the price. It is not wireless, but I'm personally tired of wireless products anyway. The only two qualms I have with it are the USB ports that don't support 2.0 (not so good for plugging in memory keys) and the lack of WoW software for the LCD (which is not Logitech's fault, they even included the SDK!). I do hope that some WoW fan makes some useful software for the LCD soon.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Guide to MMORPGs

This is going to be a guide that will explain the different aspects of a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG.When you read through forums you will find many different kinds of posters. Some posters have never played a MMORPG in there life. Others were the casual gamer. Some were the hardcore. This guide will contain everything I can possibly think of to simulate a MMORPG experience. I will walk readers through each chapter. I will provide a table of contents if you wish to skip ahead. This guide will provide information to any kind of reader. If you are a casual gamer perhaps you will learn a bit about the high game in MMORPGs. If you are someone completely new to MMORPGs you will learn the many different aspects of a MMORPG. Anyways, please enjoy this guide as I had a great time writing it I ALSO WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK!
Chapter 1 -- Purchasing the Game
Chapter 2 -- Paying the Monthly Fee and Where Does that Money Go?
Chapter 3 -- Logging in for the First Time
Chapter 4 -- Choosing Your Server
Chapter 5 -- Character Creation
Chapter 6 -- Entering the World
Chapter 7 -- I Am Logged in; What should I Do Now?
Chapter 8 -- Meeting Other Players
Chapter 9 -- I Have My New Friends! We Want to Form a Guild!
Chapter 10 -- Grouping With Other Players
Chapter 11 -- GameMaster (GM) Events
Chapter 12 -- Roleplaying
Chapter 13 -- Dungeons
Chapter 14 -- Dying
Chapter 15 -- Quests
Chapter 16 -- Reputation
Chapter 17 -- Melee Class Overview
Chapter 18 -- Caster Class Overview
Chapter 19 -- Hybrid Class Overview
Chapter 20 -- What Is An Uber Guild?
Chapter 21 -- How Do I Join An Uber Guild?
Chapter 22 -- Why Should I Join An Uber Guild?
Chapter 23 -- Racial Overview
Chapter 24 -- Combat In MMORPGs
Chapter 25 -- Utilizing Spells
Chapter 26 -- Moving Around The MMORPG World
Chapter 27 -- Trade Skills
Chapter 28 -- Player Built Structures
Chapter 29 -- Passive Skills
Chapter 30 -- Exiting the Game
Chapter 31 -- Quitting a MMORPGGlossary -- List of Commonly Used MMORPG Term
Chapter 1 -- Purchasing the GameA MMORPG retails for approximately $49.99 US currency. The player will find his or her own CD key located inside the box. Additionally, a player will soon notice that the game will come with a free month of play. After this month of play the player will be charged a monthly fee.
Chapter 2 -- Paying the Monthly Fee and Where Does that Money Go?There are several different types of payment plans for MMORPGs. The most common payment is via a credit card. A user can have their account directly billed through their credit card. These payments can range anywhere from $9.95 US dollars to $14.95. In fact, the cost can range higher but to my knowledge no game has charged more then $14.95 a month. The other method of payment is a gamecard. A gamecard has a special serial code on it. A player can purchase one of these game card at any local retailer. A player's best bet would be to contact the retailer that provided them with the game in the first place. These game cards come stocked with anywhere from one month to over a year of a paid subscription. This is a great method to pay for the monthly fee if one lacks a credit card.A player may now ask himself -- Where is my money going? Why do I have to pay a monthly fee? The reason a MMORPG requires a monthly fee is because of the upkeep of the game. New content is constantly being added. You may receive new changes in the game as fast as every week! These changes can range from balance, items, lands to explore, quests, and creatures. Furthermore, this fee also goes toward maintaining the servers. The servers host thousands of players all at once in one gigantic world. These servers also contain nearly all of the information for the game. Your system at home will only have a small percentage of the game installed on it. Ultimately, the monthly fee is also used to pay the customer service with which you are provided with. Gamemasters or GMs as they are commonly referred as will assist players in game. They will handle harressment issues, item loss, deaths due to bugs, and scams.
Chapter 3 -- Logging in for the First TimeAs soon as the player loads up his or her new MMORPG they will first be introduced with a cinematic movie. This is a teaser showing the player what they can expect in their adventures ahead. Once a player reaches the main options screen they will see a panel of options. The player should first click on the Create a New Account option. This will allow a player to setup his or her new account. The player will have a month of free play for purchasing the game, however, they can choose to setup payment plans now. I personally pay through my credit card as I find it most convient for me.The next tab a player should click on is the options tab. This will allow a player to customize their video settings. I recommend starting with a low video configuration unless your computer is very powerful. When a MMORPG first debuts the starting areas will be crowded with people. A low end system will slow to a frame by frame display if high end settings are enabled.
Chapter 4 -- Choosing Your ServerOnce the player has setup their free month of play and their video options they are ready to connect.Click the connect tab and you will see a new screen. A player will need to input their account name and password at this login screen. After doing so, the player will find a list of different servers. Each server is a different world. Characters created on one server will not appear on another. There is no benefit starting on a particular server, however, some servers might have special rule sets.The two most common special rule sets a player will encounter are roleplaying preferred and PVP. A roleplaying preferred server encourages player to roleplay. A player is not forced to roleplay in a MMORPG. Some players enjoy being with a community that shares their roleplaying interests and this server is for them. The other server is not recommend for beginners of the MMORPG world. A PVP server means that players can be attacked anywhere at anytime. There are no safe zones and players are forced into PVP. I would recommend starting on a normal ruleset server and then moving to a PVP server if the player desire. NOTE: A player would then have to create a new character on the PVP server as characters cannot carry from server to server.
Chapter 5 -- Character CreationMy favorite part of any MMORPG and the most important. The character you create will be the character that represents the player in the MMORPG world. A player will be given a variety of options to choose from when creating a character. Depending on the game maker, a player will find options to customize facial features, body sizes, hair colors, skin colors, and possibly body art such as tatoos.Players will next find themselves either distributing skill points or choosing a class depending on the MMORPG. In World of Warcraft, a player will begin by choosing his or her class. Finally, another important aspect is naming one's character. A player will notice that MMORPGs tend to have a strict filter. These filters do not allow spaces, numbers, symbols, and sometimes apostrophes. Furthermore, players that create rude of vulgar names may risk having them changed at a GM's discretion in game. Thus, I recommend choosing a name that would not offend anyone and that you enjoy.
Chapter 6 -- Entering the WorldWhen a player enters a MMORPG world for the first time they will notice they have very little in terms of material wealth. They may have a rusty sword or one or two spells to scribe in the spell book. Additionally, they may be given a quest to seek out their guildmaster or trainer. These trainers will allow a person to train in skills that will improve abilities.When a player first enters the world, this is one of the greatest oppurtunities to play with their controls and interface. Adjust the brightness of the screen or change your keyboard and mouse settings so that you are comfortable.
Chapter 7 -- I Am Logged in; What Should I Do Now?Whatever you want to do! One of the most amazing aspects of a MMORPG is that a person is not limited to what they can and cannot do. Do you feel like singing a song? Perhaps you are interested in seeking some quests. Run around and interact with other players or NPCs. Explore the world and marvel at the sites. Personally, when I first log into a MMORPG I want to level. One of my favorite pastimes in a MMORPG is to further my character development. Thus, if a player wishes to follow the same path. Wander around the city or ask for directions if you are in a rush to the nearest newbie area. This starting area is going to be packed full of players on release. A player may have trouble finding opponents to fight. Do not let this discourage you. Find a group or solo or explore and try and find new areas to experience.
Chapter 8 -- Meeting Other PlayersSince this is a MMORPG a player will run into other people in game. You should treat everyone you meet in a MMORPG with respect. In fact, they may become some of your best friends in game. You may find yourself grouping with certain players more often or chatting up a storm with them. MMORPG usually have a form of chat system called the tell system or private messages. This allows a player to communicate with players privately even if they are not within each other's location. Thus, a player is never out of touch in a MMORPG.
Chapter 9 -- I Have My New Friends, We Want to Form a Guild!The guild is one of the most rewarding aspects of a MMORPG. In fact, I met my guild in Everquest back in 1999. We talk on the phone, some of us have met in real life, we even play other games together. A guild is like a family and it is very special especially with new friends. My guild from Everquest is planning on moving to World of Warcraft when it debuts. We were the top guild in Tholuxe Paells in Everquest. We have shared many memories together. Thus, I am a very big supporter of forming guilds.Players will have to assemble approximately ten other players to form a guild. Players will be able to name their guild. Their characters will then carry this tag above their heads next to their names. A GM is usually involved in the creation of a guild.Once your guild is assembled you will notice you have a big private channel called guild chat. A person can speak freely in this channel and all your guildmates will see your text in it serverwide.
Chapter 10 -- Grouping With Other PlayersAs you progress in a MMORPG the player will find himself wanting to complete harder quests or enter risky dungeons. There are many benefits to having a group. One benefit is a player is much safer in a group. There is safety in numbers. A warrior will not have to flee a battle when he or she is low on health if they have a priest ready to heal them. Additionally, a mage will not have to run from a battle due to being overwhelmed by an enemy attack.One of the greatest aspects of a MMORPG is people gain a certain karma from their experiences in groups. Good groupies will always find themselves being invited into a group while people that tend to slack off or get careless in a group may find themselves soloing more often. Thus, a player should avoid constantly going away from the keyboard when a group. This only slows down the progression of the other group members. If the healer, for instance, AFKs the warrior will not be able to pull because he may die without the necessary healing.Additionally, players in a group should be very attentive. Constantly keep a close eye on your group and its surroundings. If your group is crossing a dangerous area such as a dungeon make sure to stick together and not wander to avoid running into an unecessary fight. Moreover, players that attentive will notice their group will perform much better. An attentive Warrior, as an illustration, can keep a watchful eye on his groupmates. If one of your mages is being attacked by a monster, taunt it off as soon as possible. Your mage will love you.Furthermore, players should treat other players with respect in their group. No one wants a loud mouth or someone that constantly uses foul language. One should also treat other groups they encounter with respect. You never know when your group will die from a surprised attack and will need to be revived by another group.During the course of a group, players will find loot. Loot can range from coins, quest items, trade skill regeants, and other items. Loot is handled in many different ways. At lower levels, players may have a loot system where each person takes a turn looting a corpse. Whatever they find on the corpse is theirs. Thus, if the player finds an item on the corpse, congratulations! Another method is to have a master looter. The master looter will loot all corpses. At the end of the group session, or when one player is leaving, the master looter will split all the coin drops with the group. Additionally, any items found will be randomed off. This usually involves using an in game random number system. The player with the highest "roll" will get to choose which item he wants first. Each player will then choose one item each to keep.Randoming items and taking turns looting corpses works great for pickup groups. Pickup groups are groups that are comprised of players that are not familiar with one another. These are strangers you meet and decide to form a group.Once you become more familiar with players, such as one's in your guild, you can begin the need before greed loot system. This system dictates that any item dropped will go to the person that can use it. Thus, if the Runed Blade drops and the warrior can use it will automatically go to him. Likewise, if a Robe of the Zodiac drops and the Warlock can use it then it is his. This looting method is best used with people that one is familiar with. It can be used in pickup groups, however, some poor players will say they need an item then turn around and sell it the next day. These players that usually perform such an act gain a bad reputation.Grouping is one of the most important aspects of a MMORPG. One should always communicate with the rest of the community to find out who the best groupers are. Remember, a generous player will find himself being invited into a number of groups. Try not to be greedy and always play to the best of your ability.
Chapter 11 -- GameMaster (GM) EventsA Gm event is a dynamic event that occurs in a MMORPG. These events usually only occur once in a server's lifetime. Thus, many players flock to these events as they are usually major turning points in the progression of the MMORPG's storyline.Once a player becomes involved in a GM event, they will notice the GM, an employee hired by the maker of the MMORPG, will be roleplaying. He may be in the form of a famous character or perhaps a beggar seeking assistance. It is fun to roleplay with the GM in these events. Thus, I encourage the player to roleplay and have a good time if one ever comes across a GM event.Ultimately, GM events have great rewards. They sometimes give out special items or titles. Titles usually a player's last name. Titles are usually picked by the GM and not at the player's discretion. Thus, do not be ungrateful if a GM wishes to give you a title and you were hoping for something different. If the title does not suit you, simply decline and another lucky player may be granted the opportunity to wield the title.Out of all the prizes given out during a GM event, most player's seek the elusive artifact. Artifacts are items that are truly one of a kind. There will only be one artifact of its nature on the server at any given time. Thus, if a player manages to obtain an artifact, it will be completely unique. Artifacts also wield immense power. These items are packed with max abilities. They will greatly increase one's power. My only advice if you wish to obtain an artifact in a game is to be at the right place at the right time.
Chapter 12 -- RoleplayingA roleplayer is a person that wants to bring life to his or her in game character. They will generally not speak about the real world or commonly referred as out of character or OOC for short. A roleplayer's goal is to bring enjoyment to the game for both them and the people around them.If a player wishes to roleplay, he or she can locate a roleplaying preferred server. This server will ask that players remain in character. Think of it as an actor acting out his or her role in a movie.A roleplayer does not have to speak with thee's and thou's. The best roleplayers are the most creative ones. Try to be as original as possible. Additionally, try staying in character as much as possible. Let your imagination run free as one's possiblities as a roleplayer are limitless.
Chapter 13 -- DungeonsOnce a player becomes familiar with a MMORPG and their in game character has obtained some experience they can begin their first venture into a dungeon. Dungeons are often hidden and their locations do not stand out. I would suggest a player forms a group when entering a dungeon unfamiliar to them for the first time.Dungeons have a much greater risk of dying when compared to the risk of an outdoor area. However, the trade off is more experience and better loot. Additionally, dungeons are extremely fun. Completing a dungeon requires skill.When seeking a dungeon for the first time, do not hesitate to ask other players for directions. You may even find other players that will want to accompany you. I would highly recommend a well balanced group for any dungeon.Dungeons have many different kinds of creatures. However, I personally break them into two different kinds of groups. The most commonly found group are trash monsters. These monsters are common creatures that roam a dungeon. They have a lower chance of dropping loot then named creatures. The other kind of monster a player will find in a dungeon is a named monster or a boss. These monsters pack a much greater punch then their weaker counterparts. They should not be taken lightly. However, their risk offsets their reward. Named monsters have a higher probability of dropping items of worth.
Chapter 14 -- DyingAt this time in a player's career, only the one's blessed by divine protection will find themselves alive. Death and MMORPG come hand in hand. New players to a MMORPG will find themselves dying very often. Creatures in a MMORPG are usually faster then a player. Thus, running away from fights is not always an option.Death is handled in many different ways. During the first few of years of Ultima Online, player's that died could have their corpse fully looten. Thus, the cost of death would be loosing all of one's items. Another common death penalty found in MMORPGs is experience loss. When a player dies they will lose a certain percentage of experience toward their next level. A player may even end up loosing their level. The other death penalty commonly found in a MMORPG is stat loss.Players that find themselves dead will generally find them at a bind point. A bind point is a special location where a player respawns upon death. The player may or may not have their equipment depending on the MMORPG. If the player does not have their equipment, they will have to make a highly risky walk to find their corpse and loot their items. This can be very dangerous since the player will be lacking armor and weapons.Players that loose their experience points due to a death can seek out a revive. A revive will restore a player's experience points that they lost upon death. Only certain classes can use the revive skill. Additionally, revives can be casted on one's corpse to instantly warp them back to their location of death.A player cannot avoid death in a MMORPG. There are many different reasons for death in a MMORPG. The most common deaths are during raids, trains, lag, and bugs. Raids I will create an entire chapter about later on in my guide. Trains are groups of mobs that a player may have run into. The player will then try to escape with the monsters in hot pursuit. The monsters chasing the escaping player may attack other players he passes.Since MMORPGs will guarantee the player death at any given time they do not support a hardcore server. There are a few exceptions to this. Everquest at one point, and they may still have it, had a hardcore server. However, I would HIGHLY recommend not playing on a hardcore server if one ever wishes to see the high end game aspect of a MMORPG.
Chapter 15 -- QuestsEvery MMORPG has quests. When a player first enters the world they may find they already have a quest. Usually this involves seeking out one's guildmaster or trainer and handing him a note. Quests are a great way to progress the storyline, obtain items, and gain experience.In order to start a quest, a person should talk to an NPC. Not all NPCs hand out a quest upon being hailed. Some NPCs do not even have quests to give the player. However, if an NPC does not seem to responsive to the player's initial hail or hello try and speak to him more. Sometimes quests are hidden and only saying the correct phrase will trigger a response from the NPC.There are usually hundreds and possibly even thousands of different quests in a MMORPG. Player's will obtain satisifaction knowing they are the first to complete a quest. Upon World of Warcraft's release, a player should speak to as many different NPCs as possible if they wish to discover new quests. Sometimes there are rewards for being the first to complete a quest. In Everquest, one player that was the first to complete a quest had his name imbued onto the rewarded item from the quest. Thus, any player from that day forth that completed that particular quest would discover the item named after another player. This is a great honor and I was one of the lucky few in Everquest to have an item named after me.Once a player obtains a quest from an NPC it can consist of many different aspects. The most common quest is the delivery quest. This involves the player taking a note or some kind of item to another NPC. Once the player successfully delivers the item to the NPC they will be rewarded. A quest of this nature will offer a low experience reward and a low quality item.Another kind of quest involves killing a creature and bringing back proof of your deed. These kind of quests usually involve a moderate to a nice reward depending on the level of the creature and the difficulty involved.Some quests involve the use of tradeskills. The quest will require the player to craft certain items to be used in the quest. The crafted item is either then turned into an NPC or may act as the reward to the quest itself! One famous quest in Everquest is the Prayer Shawl quest. By the end of the quest, the player crafts a spectacular shoulder wear for any caster.Quests can be completed solo but some quests may require a group. Quests that require a group will hold better rewards then one's completed solo. Thus, it is advised a player seeks out friends or other players with the intention of completing the same quest and head toward their destination.Furthermore, quests can range from being short to lasting days, months, or an entire player's career. World of Warcraft has stated there will be life quests that will last an entire player's careers. Quests of this nature will hold amazing rewards for players. During the first Everquest expansion, a line of epic quests were discovered. These epics were the best items that player's could obtain at the time. However, in order to complete such a quest, the player was required to have a guild, or know a TON of friends, travel all across the world, and slay many different NPCs. Questing is a great alternative to level grinding. In fact, World of Warcraft has proposed that player's may be able to progress in levels from questing!Ultimately, one of the main purposes of quests is to progress the storyline. As a player acquires more quests, he or she may become more involved with the storyline. A player may learn of betrayal within the ranks of the Alliance or that the Scourge is planning another invasion. Roleplayers that want to learn more about their faction and alignments are suggested to quest. Thus, they can learn more about their own characters and perfect their roleplaying.
Chapter 16 -- ReputationReputation is the most important factor in a MMORPG. Do not mistake reputation for one's relation to in game NPCs. Reputation is how the community in a MMORPG views a player. A player's actions are constantly being judged by his or her peers. A poor player that frequently AFKs, that uses inappropiate language, and or harassing may find himself without any friends.It is very easy to maintain a good reputation. A person should respect their peers and try not to be greedy. Not everyone can maintain a good standing with one another; thus, there is an ignore command to mute bothersome players.Ultimately, having a good reputation has many benefits. For instance, a player may find himself needing to borrow an item or money. Furthermore, a good reputation is necessary when in a guild. When a person joins a guild they represent that guild. A guild does not want its members giving them a bad name.However, if a player obtains a bad reputation, they may find players refusing to trade with them, refusing to group with them, and refusing to guild with them. Always remember this is a multiplayer game and the world does not revolve around one person.
Chapter 17 -- Melee Class OverviewThe melee class is one of the most important classes in any MMORPG setting. Melee classes consist of warriors, rogues, and monks. These are the base classes that create the melee class. The melee class does not use spells. They use weapons, heavy armor, and combat manuevers to fight their opponent. The warrior is commonly referred to as the "tank." Warriors almost always have the highest hitpoint and defense setting in a MMORPG. These melee fighters absorb hits while they deal damage to their opponent. They can use a variety of weapons from swords, maces, and knives and they can utilize the heaviest armor and shields.Warriors almost always have the taunt skill. This is necessary to keep the enemy focused on the warrior.Warriors appeal to people that enjoy using a variety of weapons and armor. They are usually not limited on items they can use. Moreover, people that enjoy going toe to toe with the most fearsome of creatures will love warriors.Rogues and monks deal more damage then warriors; however, they cannot wear a variety of armor and wield a variety of weapons similar to a warrior.Rogues specialize in daggers and are viewed as the thieves in a MMORPG. They come exclusively with the pickpocket skill and disarming traps. Rogues may also have a skill known as backstab. This allows a rogue to deal massive damage to an opponent's backside.Additionally, rogues cannot take as much damage as a warrior. Thus, they are limited in the type of armor they can use. Rogues are commonly found to wear chain armor.Finally, rogues possess the greatest scouting ability with their stealth skills.Monks are similar to rogues; however, they utilize their fists to deal damage. Monks are usually limited to wearing leather armor. They have a greater dodge ability then both the rogue and warrior. Thus, some monks may be able to tank as long as their luck holds out.
Chapter 18 -- Caster Class OverviewThe caster class is the primary class that utilizes mana. Mana is the energy that is required for the casting of spells. The caster class consists of damage dealers and healers.Healers are one of the most important classes in a MMORPG. Without healers, allies would perish during combat and downtimes would be enormous. Healers are not meant to deal massive amounts of damage, but they can sometimes learn offensive spells.Damage dealers consist of caster classes that focus in offensive spells. They can learn the most powerful and deadly spells to smite their foes. Casters armor can range from light to heavy. Offensive casters wear robes and wield staffs as weapons. Casters rarely engage in melee combat and do not make good front line men.
Chapter 19 -- Hybrid Class OverviewHybrids consist of a mixture of the basic classes. Hybrids are usually more melee or weapon orientated then they are caster orientated. Thus, hybrids can act as living shields and cast some minor spells.Moreover, hybrids are great for people that enjoy the best of both worlds. However, hybrids are not tank-mages.Additionally, hybrids have their own unique abilities. Some hybrids may specialize in range attacks while others may specialize in pet summoning. Hybrids are a great class but will not be the jack of all trades.
Chapter 20 -- What Is An Uber Guild?An uber guild is the highest tier player made guild. People in an uber guild have the best equipment in the game, the highest levels, discipline, and commitment. An uber guild will lead the way for the guilds below them. They will be the first to kill a mob and will see content months before other players.Uber guilds are renowned world wide and people will recognize their accomplishments.
Chapter 21 -- How Do I Join An Uber Guild?Foremost, in order to join an uber guild a player must be very committed to the MMORPG. Uber guilds require a designated playtime. As an illustration, my uber guild required all players to raid six days a week from 3 PM to 10 PM and 12 PM to 12 AM on weekends. A player will be kicked out if they are inactive in an uber guild.Additionally, a player must have a good reputation to join an uber guild. Players with bad reputations will give an uber guild a bad name. Thus, an uber guild wants good players to represent them. Ultimately, uber guilds want skilled and attentive players. Players need to know how to listen to directions in an uber guild. One mistake by a player may wipe an entire raid. Thus, it is important to know one's role during a raid and to listen to the raid leader. Failure to do so may result in a discharge from the guild.
Chapter 22 -- Why Should I Join An Uber Guild?One of the greatest benefits of joining an uber guild is players will make friends for life. I have been in touch with members of my uber guild from Everquest for over four years. I have even visited some of these members in real life. They are like a family to me. I can trust these members with any valuables in game and I have even granted them access to my account. Nothing weaves people closer together then spending twelve hours a day with each other.Furthermore, players can trust each other in an uber guild. My uber guild will log each other in to obtain a piece of loot if they are not present during a raid. They will not steal from each other nor will they try to scam each other.Finally, people join an uber guild for the loot. A person can obtain the most powerful items and experience content before anyone else on the server and possibly even world wide. My guild in Everquest was the first guild world wide to topple the Avatar of War in July of 2001. This sense of accomplishment is a wonderful feeling.
Chapter 23 -- Racial OverviewSize is important when determining what race a person should begin with. If a person utilizes a first person perspective, shorter races will have a closer view of the ground then a larger race. Thus, shorter races have the illusion of moving faster then a taller race. Additionally, larger races may become stuck or have problems mobilizing themselves in condensed situations.Furthermore, the starting location of a race will help a player determine what race they want to play. Players may want to start out near a particular dungeon or close to other allies of the same faction. Thus, research the race's starting position before making a final decision.Most people choose their race based on special attributes. This can range from special skills, special resistances, and possibly special stats.All races have their pros and cons. A person should base their final decision based on these factors.
Chapter 24 -- Combat in MMORPGsMMORPGs combat system is a fast turn based system. It is similar to an RPG that runs in real time. Each hit or spell will deplete an opponent's hitpoints. Players will notice in MMORPGs all spells will have casting times.Casting time is the delay between initiating the spell and when it is actually casted on the target. A caster may become interrupted if they are hit or stunned while channeling a spell. Spells may occasionally require line of sight.Melee is handled by the stroke of a key. A person will select his or her target and hit their auto attack key. A person's character will continue to attack the target until he or she perishes, the target perishes, or is commanded to stop. Thus, there is no need for rapid clicking in a MMORPG.On the other hand, certain abilities and skills may require additional key strokes. For instance, if a warrior wants to initiate a new stance or a special skill such as knee bash, they will need to press a hot key. Hot keys can be customed and assigned to anywhere on the keyboard. Special abilities have a refresh timer; therefore, there is no benefit to rapidly pressing the same key over and over.
Chapter 25 -- Utilizing SpellsMost MMORPGs do not allow a caster to move when in the process of channeling a spell. Thus, casters are forced to stick in one spot when casting a spell. However, there are engine limitations that will allow casters to move around this problem. As an illustration, a caster can begin casting a spell in a corner of a room. The caster should back into the corner as tight as he or she can before casting the spell. The caster can then move around while in the process of casting the spell. Finally, the caster should move back to the corner where they began casting the spell. Everquest's game engine allowed casters to cast spells while moving without being interrupted.Furthermore, if a caster finds his or herself on the receiving end of melee combat, they should time their spells around the opponent's melee attacks. For instance, the caster should begin casting his or her spell immediatly after the player's opponent takes a swing with his or her weapon. This will lower the probability of being interrupted while in the process of channeling a spell.Spells will come in many different forms. The most common are direct damage, healing, buffs, dots, and movement spells. Direct damage spells deal immediate damage to the caster's target. These spells are good for quick damage and may even be able to hit multiple targets. Healing spells are one of the core spells in any MMORPG. Without healing, downtimes would be very long and people would die without proper healing. Buffs or beneficiary spells give long lasting effects to the caster's target. Buffs may improve hitpoints, provide a damage shield, raise resists, or increase attack damage. Buffs have no limitations and come in many different forms. Dots are damage over time spells. These spells will do damage to the caster's target each second. Dots usually do not stack with one another. One of the benefits of dots is they are more mana efficient then direct damage spells and provide more damage in the long run. However, dots take up to a full minute to reach their full potential. Lastly, movement spells may increase a player's run speed or move them instantly across the land. These spells are more of a privilege rather then a necessity.
Chapter 26 -- Moving Around the MMORPG WorldThere are many different forms of transportation in a MMORPG. The most common form of transportation is traveling by foot. This is the slowest mode of transportation and will involve the greatest risks. Players move slowly on foot and may not be able to run from lethal encounters. Thus, players should be aware of their surroundings when traveling on foot.Moreover, players can obtain mounts to increase their mobility. Mounts provide players with a faster method of moving across the world. Mounts are usually bought in the game from an NPC and come with a steep price. Not everyone will be able to afford mounts. Additionally, some MMORPGs may put level restrictions on mounts.Furthermore, players are able to ride in game structures, such as boats, to move to their desired location. This type of transportation is free to use for all players. However, sometimes a player must wait for a boat to dock or a teleporter to activate before they can move via this method.Ultimately, the fastest way of transportation in a MMORPG is through teleportation. Certain classes obtain spells that allow them to transport themselves and groupmates across the entire world instantly. This mode of transportation will save players minutes and possibly hours of traveling. Some classes with transportation spells will charge players a donation fee for their services. Thus, a player should be respectful if a stranger went out of his or her way to help you. Try tipping them a few gold pieces for showing one's gratitude.
Chapter 27 -- Trade SkillsTrade skills are the skills that yield player crafted items. These items are completely unique and are not dropped by any monsters. The components, however, are often dropped by npcs or bought from npcs. Players must invest precious skill points and time into perfecting his or her craft.Players that engage in trade skills will find themselves poor. On the other hand, once a player masters a trade skill his or her income will rise. Players from across the land will recognize grand master traders and will often seek them out for goods.Additionally, trade skills are great for players that wish to craft his or her own armor or items. A player will not have to rely on obtaining drops from creatures or purchasing goods from other players.Players should choose the trade skill they are most interested in and try perfecting their craft!
Chapter 28 -- Player Built StructuresSome MMORPGs allow players to build their own structures. This can range from guild halls to small houses or even castles. Player built structures are extremely expensive. A solo player will not be able to afford a castle that is used to accomodate an entire guild. Player built structures are good for storage. Moreover, players can decorate the inside and create a feeling of home. The amount of customization involved in a player built structure will provide the player with an endless amount of choices and combinations.Player built structures do not provide any real advantages over other players.
Chapter 29 -- Passive SkillsAs a player becomes more advanced in a MMORPG, they will notice some of their skills are passive. These passive skills are based on probability or a roll of the dice. Passive skills include resists and dodge abilities.Players with higher resists are more likely to resist a spell then a player with lower resists. Furthermore, level will also increase the likelyhood of resisting a spell. A level five character will have a significantly less chance of casting a spell on a level forty character.Dodge skills such as block and parry are based on probability. These skills do not activate with fast twitches of the mouse or keyboard. Thus, a player is only as good as his or her own equipment.
Chapter 30 -- Exiting the GameCharacters that are disconnected from a MMORPG will remain in the game for up to several minutes. This is to prevent people from exploiting methods of avoiding death. Thus, a player cannot turn off his or her computer if they are about to die. When a character is disconnected their playable character functions as an NPC. It will defend itself from harm but will not disappear until an allotted time limit has passed.Camping is the safe method of exiting a MMORPG. Camping involves taking a short, usually 30 seconds, before a player can instantly log out their character. When a character goes into camping mode, they are very vulnerable to attack. Thus, players cannot use camp to escape death.It is important to exit the game before exhausting oneself. MMORPG games can be addictive and some players may find themselves playing hours on end. Some players play to the point they fall asleep at the keyboard. In order to avoid this, know your limits and try not to play too much.
Chapter 31 -- Quitting a MMORPG. If a player wishes to cancel his or subscription to a MMORPG they can either contact the MMORPG online or via the phone. A person can alter his account options on the login screen when the game initially loads. There will be a cancel subscription button. Once a player cancels his or her subscription they will be able to finish playing for the remainder of the month.Glossary -- List of Commonly Used MMORPG TermsAFK -- Away from Keyboard. Players use this acronym to signify when they are not currently present.Alt/Alternate -- The alter ego of a player's main character. Often not played as much as one's main character.AC -- 1) Asheron's Call. A popular MMORPG game released during Everquest's prime. 2) Armor Class. The probability a character will be struck in melee combat.Add -- Commonly used when grouping or during raids. Adds signify unwanted creatures that attack while in the process of fighting another.AE -- Area Effect. A spell that has the possiblity of hitting multiple targets.Aggro -- When an NPC wishes to initiate combat with a player. The NPC will move to the player to attack.ATM -- At the moment.Bank -- Place where character's can safely store their goods without fear of them being stolen.Bind -- Creating a new character respawn spot at the said location.BRB -- Be Right BackBRT -- Be Right ThereBTW -- By the wayBuff -- A spell that increases a player's hitpoints, mana regeneration, hit point regeneration, attack damage, spell damage, cast rate, movement speed, vision, or armor class.Bug -- An error in the game design.Camp -- 1) When a player wishes to instantly log out of a game. 2) A location where a group sets up and mobs are pulled to the location.Carebear -- Derogatory remark towards players that do not wish to engage in any Player versus Player combat.COH -- Call of Hero. A popular summoning spell in Everquest.CC -- Crowd Control. Containing multiple enemies so they either become focused on tanks or are removed from combat.Chain Healing -- Repeated casting of healing spells on the same target.DD -- Direct Damage Spell. Spell that instantly deals its full amount of damage.Debuff -- Weaken an enemies resistances, attributes, damage, etc.DOT -- Damage over time spell. Spell that deals damage per second rather then instantly.DPS -- Damage per second. The amount of damage generated in a single second of combat.Ding -- Popular Everquest term which is the sound that is generated when a character ascends to the next level.DKP -- Dragon Kill Points. Used by guilds as a method of buying new items instead of randoming off loot during a raid.End Game -- End of the game content that mostly uber guilds face.EQ -- Everquest.EXP -- Experience.Exploit -- Using a bug to one's advantage.FFA -- Free For AllFFS -- For Fuck's SakeGank -- Killing a player when he or she is unable to defend his or herself.Gate -- When a mob uses a spell to instantly move to a new location.Gimp -- Something poor or of low quality.GM -- 1) Grand Master. A person that has mastered a particular skill. 2) GameMaster. Person employeed by the makers of the MMORPG.Gratz -- Short for congratulations.Griefer -- Person that takes pleasure out of others' misfortune.HP -- Hitpoints. How much damage a player can take before dying.IMO -- In my opinion.Inc -- Incoming. When a mob is being lead back to a camp of players.Invis -- Short for the term invisible. Invisible is a spell that renders a PC unseen to enemies.Kite -- To attack a mob out of its melee distance but within one's own attacking distance.KS -- Kill Steal. Attacking and obtaining credit for a kill that was engaged by another player first.LFG -- Looking for Group.Loot -- Items found when a player completes a quest or kills a mob.LOM -- Low on mana.MA -- Master Assist. The PC that everyone acquires their target from.Mana -- The basis for casting all spells.Mez -- Stunning a monster and removing it from combat.MMORPG -- Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.Mob -- Mobile Object. Usually refers to a hostile NPC.Mule -- Character that is used for storage.Nerf -- To weaken a skill, creature, or ability through an in game patch.Ninja -- A person that steals loot from a group or raid without being given rights to it.NPC -- Non Playable Character. Controlled by the computer.OOC -- Out of Character. Non roleplaying chat.OOR -- Out of range. The target moved out of range of the spell.PB -- Point Blank. When a spell is centered in a radius around the caster.PC -- Playable Character.Pet -- Computer controlled NPC under the command of a PC.PK -- Player Killer.PKK -- Player Killer Killer.POP -- When an NPC respawns.Port -- Short for teleport.Proc -- Random casting of a spell from a weapon.PST -- Please Send Tell.Pull -- Lead a mob back to a group's camp.PVE -- Player versus environment.PVP -- Player versus Player.Rez -- To revive a player from death.RP -- Roleplay.RVR -- Risk versus Reward.Spawn -- When a PC or NPC reanimates itself after death.Tank -- Person that absorbs all the melee combat damage by the enemy.TankMage -- The ultimate PC character. Master of both melee combat and spell casting.TP -- Teleport.Twink -- Low level character using high level items to give an advantage.Uber -- Super or great.Wipe -- When everyone in a group or raid setting perishes.Woot -- A cheer as in YAY.WTB -- Waiting to buy.WTS -- Waiting to sell.Zone -- An enclosed area of the game.


MMORPG FAQ : What does MMORPG stand for?
A: Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game
Q: Is the monthly fee worth it?
A: The monthly fee is to provide dedicated private servers for the game, allowing lots of lag free gameplay, not like what you might see on a free server such as It also pays for support staff who man each server to deal with problems that might arise for players, and the development of new content for the game.
Q: What is the goal in these games?
A: Unlike most RPGs, a MMORPG has no set goal. You are set down into the world free to do what you will. However, most players settle into the goal of making their character as powerful as they can. This involves leveling them up, getting better gear/spells for them, and even getting into a powerful guild. Really though, the goal is just to have fun, and enjoy doing something you love.
Q: How is/what kind of interaction with other people possible?A: The most common interaction you will have in a MMORPG is grouping with people. Unlike games like Diablo II, grouping is more or less essential in a MMORPG. You need to work together to take down a lot of things, and cooperating with other players will be a skill you will have to learn to thrive. Also, at least in Everquest, OOC conversation is very common, and often entire areas will be chatting with eachother while they are killing stuff.
Q: How does the server architecture work for those games?
A: If you have played a Blizzard game on, you already have a good idea how MMORPG servers work. The difference is that when a MMORPG goes live, there will probably be 10 to 15 servers. This is due to the fact that a MMORPG is set in a persistant world, and overcrowding is not conducive to happy players. Just like, your character is stored on a server, and you can only acess it from that server.
Q: What are GM/What do they do?
A: A GM is an employee of the company who produces the MMORPG whos job it is to keep the peace on whatever server they work on. They resolve disputes between players, dicipline cheaters, and enforce the code of conduct that has been set forth. They have the power to ban your account if you misbehave too much, but on the positive side often run events on the server for players to enjoy.
Q: Differences between say D2 Bnet and and MMORPG.
A: One of the biggest differences is that a MMORPG and games like Diablo II and Neverwinter Nights is that a MMORPG is played on a professionally manned persistant server.
Q: How does the world work (monster spawning)?
A: Unlike most games you are used to playing, most of the actual computer work is done on the server, not on the client. This includes the spawning of monsters. In most MMORPGs, monsters spawn from invisible 'nodes', which are simply points where mosters are generated. In Everquest for example, a node might have several types of monsters that spawn from it, but when a monster is spawned, the node becomes innactive until the monster is killed, despawns, or otherwise leaves existance. On a side note, when a rare monster is generated from a node in this fashion, players will often 'camp' at the node for hours killing the other monsters (refered to as placeholders) waiting for the rare monster to spawn.
Q:How does one advance? (The majority of todays RPGs are very linear, with quests to complete. This is rarely the case in MMORPGs).

A: There are generally 3 ways to advance in a MMORPG, aquiring equipment, spells, and levels. In most cases, you cannot exclusively persue just one, but must aquire all of them to advance (unless you can't use magic of course). Levels especially are a guide to determining how powerful your character is. In many cases, you will not be invited to join events like killing a dragon unless you are above a certain level, as if your level is too low, you will be a burden on the group. Equipment can make up for this to a certain extent, especially for some classes who are more dependant on their weapons and armor than others, and often aquiring a very powerful item is the focus of killing the more powerful creatures in the game.
Q: What other MMORPGs are out there?
A: There are quite a few actually. The two big ones at the moment are Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot, although less popular ones like Earth and Beyond, Asheron's Call 2, Anarchy Online, and World War 2 online are still in operation too.
Q: What do you do about hackers?
A: At least in the US, you have the FBI to deal with things like that. If you just mean ppl using programs to cheat though, they have ways of finding out and banning your ass. There was a situation like this in EQ with a progam called ShowEQ, and Verant was quite clear with their policy towards it. If you used it and got caught, you would be banned.
Q: Where do you stach you lewt?
A: Depends on the game. EQ and DAoC had banks where you could store items safely.
Q: How are MMO guilds different from Bnet guilds(clans)?
A: In a game like EQ, having a guild is not just a nifty title like in Diablo or Warcraft. A guild in a MMORPG offers you a group of people that can help support the growth of your character, and give you a network of friends to interact with. Especially towards the upper end of EQ, any progress you make will be made as a guild, and in the best guilds, the members are like a family to eachother, ready to drop what they are doing to come help you at a moment's notice.
Q: Why are there multiple websites before the game is even in Beta?
A: For several reasons. This site (WCC) aims to be a premier news source for Warcraft games, and as such has to start working when news become avalible. Gamers who take an intrest in a game will follow it well before it's release, and that's where sites like this. Other people will throw up a half-assed site so that they can take a shot at getting into the beta.